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House of Representatives Passes the Mother and Child Welfare Law: 6 Months of Maternity Leave and Salary Guarantee for Mothers

The House of Representatives (DPR) has passed the Draft Law on Mother and Child Welfare (Kesejahteraan Ibu dan Anak or KIA) into Law during a plenary session of the DPR, Tuesday (6/4/2024). One of the key points of this law is the guarantee that a mother has the right to maternity leave for up to 6 months. This provision is stated in Article 4 Paragraph (3)…

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The United Kingdom as Your Child’s Ultimate Educational Adventure

The United Kingdom (UK) shines as a global hub of educational brilliance, offering a myriad of opportunities for students seeking an exhilarating learning voyage. With its prestigious schools, vibrant cultural experiences, and supportive environment for young learners, the UK emerges as the ultimate destination to cultivate your child’s academic prowess…

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The New BPJS Implementation System

President Joko Widodo has officially issued Regulation of the President No. 59 of 2024 on the Third Amendment to Regulation of the President No. 82 of 2018 on Health Insurance (“RP 59/2024”). Under this regulation, several changes have been made to the BPJS system, specifically the dismissal of the class system in BPJS and the adjustment of BPJS members’…

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Sanctions and Compliance with Indonesia’s Personal Data Protection Law (UU PDP) by October 16, 2024

The sanctions associated with Indonesia’s Personal Data Protection Law (UU PDP) will become fully enforceable on October 16, 2024. President Joko Widodo signed into law UU No 27 Tahun 2022, also known as Indonesia’s Personal Data Protection Law (UU PDP), on October 17, 2022. This law requires every individual, public entity, and international organization processing the personal data…

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The Annual General Meeting Shareholders of a Limited Liability Company in Indonesia

The General Meeting of Shareholders (“GMS”) is a pivotal within a company, holding exclusive authority distinct from the Board of Directors or Board of Commissioners, as defined by the Law No.40 of 2007 concerning Limited Liability Company (the “Company Law”) and its amendments, alongside the company’s articles of association. Article 78 of the Company Law divides the GMS into two categories: the annual GMS…

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Implementation of 2024 Religious Holiday Allowances for Workers in Companies

Religious Holiday Allowance (Tunjangan Hari Raya or “THR”) is one of the rights of a worker, serving as both a tradition and an effort to meet the needs of workers and their families in celebrating religious holidays to improve welfare and protection. THR is regulated under the Ministry of Manpower Regulation Number 6 of 2016 concerning Religious Holiday Allowance for Workers/Laborers in Companies…

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