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You come to us with problems; you walk away with real-world practical solutions that can add value to your business model.

The Highest Quality
Legal Services In Southeast Asia

Our growing team brings together the expertise and competence of many highly experienced attorneys, business management consultants and business law scholars to support the legal needs of businesses in every possible way. Over the last ten years, we’ve earned the reputation as one of the finest law firms in South East Asia due to our outstanding attention to detail and track record for anticipating the legal needs of businesses and providing the highest quality services in the region. We are transparent, responsive and nimble, providing the high quality guidance and representation that give our clients the edge over competitors.

Golden Opportunities

Foreign funded enterprises in Indonesia and throughout Southeast Asia are growing at a very rapid pace, presenting golden opportunities for investors that are able to move quickly. Our thorough understanding of how to do business in Southeast Asia is exactly what businesses need to take advantage of the tremendous opportunities for successful business enterprises in this area of the World. Profiting from this rare opportunity to jump into a high growth business arena requires top notch legal support that’s ready to meet the challenge in many areas:

Dispute Resolution services for privately and publicly held companies. We offer defense and prosecution of disputes including litigation, mediation, conciliation and arbitration representation. We are widely acclaimed as the most highly prepared and successful firm to resolve business disputes. We use mediation to try to bring parties together, but are always prepared to be aggressive when the situation demands it. Our approach to dispute resolution is practical, with keen attention to when it’s best to settle or continue to press forward toward arbitration or litigation. Our success stems from our knowledge, creativity and attention to detail that promotes and protects our clients’ interests.

Foreign Direct Investment legal services including business formation, establishing joint ventures, structuring foreign investment, compliance with local, foreign and international laws and regulations, translation, negotiation, mediation and arbitration. That’s why we are the leaders in the region for companies seeking to invest in Indonesia and other parts of Southeast Asia. We are the foreign direct investment attorneys in Indonesia for foreign and domestic investment, providing legal services that include:

  • Formation, compliance, merger, acquisition and dissolution of wholly owned subsidiaries, representative offices and joint ventures;
  • Acquiring government approval including permits, licensing and intellectual property registration;
  • Contract drafting, modification and review;
  • Performing investigations to meet due diligence requirements and protect client interests;
  • Feasibility and compliance research and consulting;
  • Intellectual property protection for foreign investors and
  • Representation for disputes that arise.

Business Formation, Mergers and Acquisitions legal representation for all types of large, midsize and small businesses that ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and anti-competition laws. We provide legal opinions, due diligence, legal risk management assistance, corporate integration, and advice for successfully operating a business in South East Asia. We are the ASEAN business attorneys that offer the most comprehensive and dependable services in this area due to our unparalleled local knowledge and expertise in business law in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. Our relationships with investment banks, accounting firms, business people, regulators and politicians enable us to smooth the way to successful business transactions. Our deep understanding of local customs and our respect in the community will ensure the success of your ASEAN business concerns. Our work in this area includes:

  • Complete due diligence investigations that leave no stone unturned. This includes a thorough review of all contracts, financing documentation, intellectual property rights ownership, worker and officer relationships, legal disputes, taxation, land use and assets.
  • Designing a trading structure;
  • Drafting and review of all transactional documents;
  • Negotiating terms with businesses and coalitions;
  • Regulatory research and consultation and
  • Other legal services required for the deal.

Land and Property matters including purchasing, selling and managing commercial real estate. We handle everything from day to day compliance to property disputes as well providing advice and due diligence to buyers and sellers of commercial real estate. You’ll feel confident with our support due to our extensive experience representing multinational companies before the state administrative and district courts including cases involving fraud and substantial property damage. We handle land and property matters on a transactional basis or on permanent retainers as counsel for day to day matters. We provide services in this area that include:

  • Drafting and reviewing purchase and sale agreements;
  • Research and consulting on regulatory compliance and
  • Representation for property disputes including arbitration, mediation and litigation;

We are especially proud of our work with prestigious clients such as Indonesia China Integrated Industrial Park (PT KITIC) and the Financial Services Authority (OJK.) Schinder Law Firm is the most highly respected land and property attorney in Indonesia.

Construction and Real Estate Projects require contracts to be reviewed, risk assessments, bonds and insurance claims, payment and collection issues, contract review, due diligence, arbitration and litigation. No project is too big or too small. Our construction and real estate clients include:

  • General Contractors;
  • Subcontractors;
  • Government Entities;
  • Development Companies;
  • Suppliers;
  • Architects, Engineers and Designers;
  • Insurance Companies and
  • Trade Associations.

Employment and Labor Law can be a minefield for foreign investors, but our intimate knowledge of laws and regulations keeps our clients on the right track. You can count on us for hiring and termination protocols, employment contracts and strike management. We can also help you draft employee handbooks that outline codes of conduct for your company. We have represented clients before the Indonesian Industrial Relations Court and have delivered countless seminars for CEO’s and human resources managers in our region. We represent employment and labor clients in many industries including banking, manufacturing, construction, mining, power plants, fintech and government entities. These are some of the services we provide in this area of practice:

  • Feasibility analysis and consultation to determine the proper make up of the workforce;
  • Ensure that the workforce is in compliance with all labor and
  • Draft contracts for various types of employment including full-time, part-time internships and independent contractors;
  • Provide advice on establishing, altering or terminating employment including severance pay;
  • Provide advice on handling disputes with employees or labor associations;
  • Drafting termination and severance agreements to minimize risk to company;
  • Compliance with minimum wage, breaks, vacation, overtime, perks and other employee related issues;
  • Revise and update employee handbooks ensure compliance with changes in laws and regulations;
  • Provide advice on social insurance contributions and
  • Draft warning letters, labor agreements, termination letters and other employment and labor documents.

Environmental Law is a major concern for companies investing in the utilities, oil, gas and mining industries. Our expertise in this area ensures that your operations will comply with all local and international environmental laws and regulations in the most profitable manner possible. We are the leaders in energy law solutions, known for our turnkey solutions for setting up a mining operation, power plant, oil drilling or other energy business. We can also represent and support businesses for bankruptcy, insolvency and restructuring. Indonesian aviation and shipping sectors are complex, and our knowledge of this area is vital to the import/export clients we represent. Privacy, data protection and cyber-security are growing concerns for our clients, and our experience in this area is vital to our commitment to being the most comprehensive provider of business legal services in Indonesia. We consider it our responsibility to make sure all of our clients comply with relevant laws such as the personal Data Protection Act (PDPA.)

Bankruptcy, Insolvency and Restructuring. In respect of bankruptcy, insolvency and restructuring, we have represented various interests in winding down operations, downsizing, mass termination, work-outs, defaults and refinancing in a variety of transactions which have led to major restructuring of companies, business groups and of debt as well.

If it is determined that restructuring is not feasible, then we are able to assist in initiating the bankruptcy procedure and in representing a client’s interests in this respect.

Aviation and Shipping. The Indonesian aviation and shipping sectors are complex and require special care and attention; we advise on aircraft/ship financing, ship arrest, mortgaging and re-mortgaging, sale and purchase and regulatory compliance in relation thereto. We have also been involved in issues surrounding incidents at sea, collisions, insurance issues and other matters in relation thereto.

White Collar Crime. Many foreign companies are concerned about red tape and the potential for extortion in the process of obtaining licenses and permits, and they are often faced with demands for irregular fees or concessions based on personal relationships when seeking to bid for contracts. Companies are also concerned with the expectation of gifts and special treatment by counterparties.

In Indonesia, the criminal law procedures on White Collar Crime differ from those in other jurisdictions. Criminal law procedures for White Collar Crime are complex and are often lengthy. Therefore, it takes an experienced litigation lawyer to handle white collar crime cases. In general practice, the clients seek counsel from a reputable law firm specializing in white collar crime.

We take pride in the fact that our team of lawyers is experienced in handling criminal litigation involving white collar crime, corruption, commercial bribery, illegal financial transactions, money laundring, insurance fraud and other violations. We have represented clients in criminal investigations, prosecution and in court trials before the Corruption Eradication Commision (“KPK”), the district attorney and the State Court.

Intellectual Property and IP Dispute. Schinder Law Firm has provided legal services to various multinational companies in connection with Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Industrial Design Trade Secrets, Layout Design of Integrated Circuits, Licensing, Franchising and Intellectual Property Disputes. Our service include registration of intellectual property rights, drafts for licensing assignment of rights. We have represented clients in disputes before the commercial court and in arbitration. We have also represented clients in criminal law procedures in connection with intellectual property law violations.

Privacy, Data Protection and Cyber-Security. In view of the growing and constant evolution of technology, it is essential to provide an adequate protection, both to private and public entities. Taking into account its growing importance in the past few years, and its persistence development, Schinder has been assisting several public and private entities in Indonesia. In particular by defining compliance strategies adequate to each organisation, in a wide range of sectors of activity, such as financial and insurance, health, telecommunications and media, information technologies, among others.

We privilege a close relationship with our clients, sharing our know-how and experiences, in a way to reinforce their skills in the domain of privacy and data protection, supported by leading experts in privacy, data protection and cyber-security. Our firm is able to provide advisory and consultancy services not only on the appropriate implementation and compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act (“PDPA”) but also on how to operationalise compliance as a risk based strategy. These include to draft data protection policies, to draft new data protection contracts/agreements, to review the existing contracts/agreements, to draft internal agreements, codes of practice, best practices, etc.

We are also able to provide latest legal opinions and update organisations with latest decisions, laws and related developments that can impact their business, assisting on the implementation of international transfer projects of personal data and definition of rules and procedures for the treatment of personal data in the context of human resources’ management as well as to represent Client to lodge complaint which allows data subjects to initiate lawsuit before a supervisory authority or a national courts in instances of infringement of their rights.

Schinder Consultant London Ltd.


Welcome to our London office, where a cadre of seasoned professionals is dedicated to providing an unparalleled standard of sophisticated legal services to a discerning global clientele. Our overarching mission is to facilitate the realization of your international life and business objectives with the utmost precision and finesse, ensuring a seamless integration into your new environment.
In the domain of our proficiency, we present a meticulously curated portfolio of services that extends across diverse sectors, encompassing investment immigration, real estate investment, educational consulting, concierge services, wealth management, and lifestyle services. Our commitment lies in the delivery of holistic, one-stop solutions that surpass conventional boundaries, attending to the intricate nuances of your distinctive needs with a prideful dedication to excellence. We embrace a commitment to excellence, striving to not only meet but exceed the expectations.