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You come to us with problems, you walk away with real-world practical solutions that can add value to your business model.
At Schinder Law Firm, We Do Not Just Assist, We Add Value.
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The combination of experience, commercial sense and creativity is what we do best.
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We offer a one-stop center for all your legal needs.
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About Us

Schinder Law Firm Provides High-Quality
Legal Services to a Wide Range of Clients

Schinder Law Firm is the leading business law firm in Indonesia. Our main office in Jakarta and our branch offices are in the Southeast Asian countries of Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia provides the most outstanding legal services to clients in the region. We’ve earned our reputation by offering companies high quality, diligent, aggressive and caring representation that anticipates their needs. We’re at the forefront of the escalating growth of investment in our part of the World, supporting our clients with our expertise in business formation, compliance, acquiring properties, obtaining permits, hiring workers and contractors and every other legal need for their business. Our deep understanding of the opportunities and challenges for investors in the region, and internationally, make us the top choice for investors seeking to enter the fast growing Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) market. We offer practical solutions that steer you away from legal landmines and add value to your business model. That’s why we’re the top business law and foreign direct investment attorneys in Indonesia.

Let Us Be Your Guide

Our through understanding of local culture ensures that your business will be in compliance with all laws and regulations and receive a warm welcome in the community. We’ll steer you away from disputes and towards amicable relationships with other businesses, vendors, workers and contractors in the region. These are just some of the types of the types of domestic, foreign and international businesses we’ve helped thrive and grow:

  • Major Multinational
  • Corporations
  • Investment Banks
  • Real Estate
  • Manufacturing
  • Telecommunications
  • Fintech
  • Power Plants
  • Mining
  • Oil and Gas
  • Insurance Companies
  • Construction Companies
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Cement Manufacturing Companies
  • Midsize Growth Companies
  • Start-ups
  • Nonprofits and NGO’s

We are also a trusted legal service provider for Indonesian and other Southeast Asian local and federal government agencies, international government organizations, foreign consulates and chambers of commerce.

What Makes Us Special?

Our firm is large enough to provide all the business services you need in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, but small enough to offer excellent personal service. That’s why we’re the best business law and foreign direct investment attorneys in Indonesia. Our multilingual lawyers can negotiate, provide legal advice and draft documents in Indonesian, Mandarin, Thai, English and other major languages. We are happy to take on all of your legal needs, but will accept clients seeking our services in a particular area while retaining their prior counsel for other areas, working cooperatively with their firms. Our overseas relationships help us to arrange for teams on both sides of cross-border projects, creating the highest possible level of service for our clients. We are talented at choosing the best professionals to ensure that every business and project is a success. Our insight into the local culture and our relationships with stakeholders enable us to navigate challenging situations for our clients with ease. We charge competitive fees and our billing is transparent. Most importantly, we know how to listen to your concerns and formulate legal strategies that serve your needs.

Business Lawyer in Indonesia | ASEAN Business Attorney

Schinder Law Firm is the most reputable international legal service organization in Indonesia, providing investors and businesses in ASEAN nations with the highest quality legal services. We’ve built our reputation as the top business law firm in Southeast Asia by impressing our clients with our preparation, attention to detail and aggressive representation for their investment and business matters. ASEAN countries are showing unprecedented growth due to low costs of labor and relaxed regulations, but success is only possible with the support of a dedicated local attorney that has the knowledge and connections to smooth the way. Business is about relationships, and Schinder Law Firm’s good will in the community means that our clients that are clients are given the red carpet treatment when they enter the area to invest in manufacturing, real estate, mining or other booming industries in Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia and other ASEAN countries. When you’re represented by an experienced Indonesian business attorney, you’re assured of being in compliance with all local laws and regulations, so you don’t find yourself rubbing people the wrong way, accruing both bad will and fines. The good you will receive due to the attentive services of our attorneys, consultants, researchers and staff will help your enterprise become successful. That’s why so many of our clients refer us to other businesses interested in taking advantage of the opportunities for investment in Indonesia and the ASEAN countries. We offer the best legal services to businesses in Southeast Asia at competitive prices. Please feel free to call us for a consultation to discuss how we can help you.

Our Vision

The Road to a First-Class, Full-Scope Law Firm

Our vision is to emerge as a first-class, full-scope law firm with which businesses desire to associate because our consistent, proficient team delivers an exceptional experience in tailor-made, comprehensive, and value-added legal services. When a CEO asks his or her general counsel for the best lawyers in town, we want to be on the short list, particularly when the stakes are high, the matter is complex, and the parties appear unyielding.

We will continue to magnify the depth of our practice groups, as well as add new groups in order to provide clients with a broad range of quality services.

Because of our diverse experiences as litigators and trial attorneys, we can offer multi-layered understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of claims and defenses and are able to help litigators and their clients recognize when it is in their best interest to “give a little more” or “take a little less” based on our insightful analysis of the facts, the law, and how judges are likely to respond to their arguments. In addition, we will grow our legal team by selectively adding attorneys who can bring a new and distinct approach to client satisfaction in some of most complex and interesting issues affecting businesses and governments around the globe. This vision influences and underlines all Schinder’s behavior, decisions, and interactions.

Our Mission

Schinder Law Firm’s overarching mission is to provide clients with a comprehensive spectrum of domestic and international services, from the initial foreign investment decision to the establishment and operation of a successful Indonesian business. We have the unique ability to not only guide clients with practical solutions and advice on Indonesia’s complex, dynamic regulatory landscape including all corporate and commercial issues from every day to the uncommon but to also function as a principal partner in all legal matters.

We are a group of extraordinary people who apply legal knowledge, business insight, creative thinking, and practical know-how to serve each other and our clients. Our practice encompasses the whole range of commercial and financial disputes including defamation, insurance litigation, banking litigation, professional negligence, administrative law matters, proceedings for judicial review, and more.

Clients come to us with problems and walk away with real-world practical solutions that can add value to their business model.

For our clients, we are committed to delivering efficient, cost-effective, and expeditious legal services with a focus on communication, responsiveness, and attention to detail while maintaining the highest standards of professional integrity. We thrive on the individual and collaborative efforts that are essential to producing excellent results.

For our Firm, we accomplish our mission by promoting an inclusive atmosphere in which all individuals regardless of race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, pregnancy and maternity, marriage and civil partnership, age, or disability are encouraged to learn, to improve, and to become leaders in the legal, business, and civic communities. It is important to us to foster an enjoyable working environment, based on open communication and mutual respect.

Our Strategy

Client-First Approach

Our strategy puts our clients at the heart of everything we do. We pride ourselves on providing risk management, targeted-industry, multi-jurisdictional, and corporate governance advice that allows clients to remain mobile through education, technology, and solutions-oriented service. Our strategy also puts our people at our very center because we know they are business critical for our clients and us.

Legal Expertise

We have an absolute focus on core areas of law to ensure we create the genuine depth of expertise our clients expect. Now that we have more than 30 people and two offices in Indonesia, our growth strategy for the next three years is about consolidation and organic growth within our core geographic and industry markets.

Talents & Resources

To do this, we know we need more than just talented lawyers. We need talented people, supported by the right resources and technology, in our IT, Risk, Knowledge, Finance, HR, Marketing, and Operations teams too. That’s why we keep investing in these areas, regardless of economic market fluctuations, because Schinder understands the uplift inefficiencies and relevance for our clients that these investments create.

Our Services

The Highest Quality LegalServices
In Southeast Asia

Our growing team brings together the expertise and competence of many highly experienced attorneys, business management consultants and business law scholars to support the legal needs of businesses in every possible way. Over the last ten years, we’ve earned the reputation as one of the finest law firms in South East Asia due to our outstanding attention to detail and track record for anticipating the legal needs of businesses and providing the highest quality services in the region. We are transparent, responsive and nimble, providing the high quality guidance and representation that give our clients the edge over competitors.

Golden Opportunities

Foreign funded enterprises in Indonesia and throughout Southeast Asia are growing at a very rapid pace, presenting golden opportunities for investors that are able to move quickly. Our thorough understanding of how to do business in Southeast Asia is exactly what businesses need to take advantage of the tremendous opportunities for successful business enterprises in this area of the World. Profiting from this rare opportunity to jump into a high growth business arena requires top notch legal support that’s ready to meet the challenge in many areas:

Dispute Resolution services for privately and publicly held companies. We offer defense and prosecution of disputes including litigation, mediation, conciliation and arbitration representation. We are widely acclaimed as the most highly prepared and successful firm to resolve business disputes. We use mediation to try to bring parties together, but are always prepared to be aggressive when the situation demands it. Our approach to dispute resolution is practical, with keen attention to when it’s best to settle or continue to press forward toward arbitration or litigation. Our success stems from our knowledge, creativity and attention to detail that promotes and protects our clients’ interests.

Foreign Direct Investment legal services including business formation, establishing joint ventures, structuring foreign investment, compliance with local, foreign and international laws and regulations, translation, negotiation, mediation and arbitration. That’s why we are the leaders in the region for companies seeking to invest in Indonesia and other parts of Southeast Asia. We are the foreign direct investment attorneys in Indonesia for foreign and domestic investment, providing legal services that include:

  • Formation, compliance, merger, acquisition and dissolution of wholly owned subsidiaries, representative offices and joint ventures;
  • Acquiring government approval including permits, licensing and intellectual property registration;
  • Contract drafting, modification and review;
  • Performing investigations to meet due diligence requirements and protect client interests;
  • Feasibility and compliance research and consulting;
  • Intellectual property protection for foreign investors and
  • Representation for disputes that arise.

Business Formation, Mergers and Acquisitions legal representation for all types of large, midsize and small businesses that ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and anti-competition laws. We provide legal opinions, due diligence, legal risk management assistance, corporate integration, and advice for successfully operating a business in South East Asia. We are the ASEAN business attorneys that offer the most comprehensive and dependable services in this area due to our unparalleled local knowledge and expertise in business law in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. Our relationships with investment banks, accounting firms, business people, regulators and politicians enable us to smooth the way to successful business transactions. Our deep understanding of local customs and our respect in the community will ensure the success of your ASEAN business concerns. Our work in this area includes:

  • Complete due diligence investigations that leave no stone unturned. This includes a thorough review of all contracts, financing documentation, intellectual property rights ownership, worker and officer relationships, legal disputes, taxation, land use and assets.
  • Designing a trading structure;
  • Drafting and review of all transactional documents;
  • Negotiating terms with businesses and coalitions;
  • Regulatory research and consultation and
  • Other legal services required for the deal.

Land and Property matters including purchasing, selling and managing commercial real estate. We handle everything from day to day compliance to property disputes as well providing advice and due diligence to buyers and sellers of commercial real estate. You’ll feel confident with our support due to our extensive experience representing multinational companies before the state administrative and district courts including cases involving fraud and substantial property damage. We handle land and property matters on a transactional basis or on permanent retainers as counsel for day to day matters. We provide services in this area that include:

  • Drafting and reviewing purchase and sale agreements;
  • Research and consulting on regulatory compliance and
  • Representation for property disputes including arbitration, mediation and litigation;

We are especially proud of our work with prestigious clients such as Indonesia China Integrated Industrial Park (PT KITIC) and the Financial Services Authority (OJK.) Schinder Law Firm is the most highly respected land and property attorney in Indonesia.

Construction and Real Estate Projects require contracts to be reviewed, risk assessments, bonds and insurance claims, payment and collection issues, contract review, due diligence, arbitration and litigation. No project is too big or too small. Our construction and real estate clients include:

  • General Contractors;
  • Subcontractors;
  • Government Entities;
  • Development Companies;
  • Suppliers;
  • Architects, Engineers and Designers;
  • Insurance Companies and
  • Trade Associations.

Employment and Labor Law can be a minefield for foreign investors, but our intimate knowledge of laws and regulations keeps our clients on the right track. You can count on us for hiring and termination protocols, employment contracts and strike management. We can also help you draft employee handbooks that outline codes of conduct for your company. We have represented clients before the Indonesian Industrial Relations Court and have delivered countless seminars for CEO’s and human resources managers in our region. We represent employment and labor clients in many industries including banking, manufacturing, construction, mining, power plants, fintech and government entities. These are some of the services we provide in this area of practice:

  • Feasibility analysis and consultation to determine the proper make up of the workforce;
  • Ensure that the workforce is in compliance with all labor and
  • Draft contracts for various types of employment including full-time, part-time internships and independent contractors;
  • Provide advice on establishing, altering or terminating employment including severance pay;
  • Provide advice on handling disputes with employees or labor associations;
  • Drafting termination and severance agreements to minimize risk to company;
  • Compliance with minimum wage, breaks, vacation, overtime, perks and other employee related issues;
  • Revise and update employee handbooks ensure compliance with changes in laws and regulations;
  • Provide advice on social insurance contributions and
  • Draft warning letters, labor agreements, termination letters and other employment and labor documents.

Environmental Law is a major concern for companies investing in the utilities, oil, gas and mining industries. Our expertise in this area ensures that your operations will comply with all local and international environmental laws and regulations in the most profitable manner possible. We are the leaders in energy law solutions, known for our turnkey solutions for setting up a mining operation, power plant, oil drilling or other energy business. We can also represent and support businesses for bankruptcy, insolvency and restructuring. Indonesian aviation and shipping sectors are complex, and our knowledge of this area is vital to the import/export clients we represent. Privacy, data protection and cyber-security are growing concerns for our clients, and our experience in this area is vital to our commitment to being the most comprehensive provider of business legal services in Indonesia. We consider it our responsibility to make sure all of our clients comply with relevant laws such as the personal Data Protection Act (PDPA.)

Bankruptcy, Insolvency and Restructuring. In respect of bankruptcy, insolvency and restructuring, we have represented various interests in winding down operations, downsizing, mass termination, work-outs, defaults and refinancing in a variety of transactions which have led to major restructuring of companies, business groups and of debt as well.

If it is determined that restructuring is not feasible, then we are able to assist in initiating the bankruptcy procedure and in representing a client’s interests in this respect.

Aviation and Shipping. The Indonesian aviation and shipping sectors are complex and require special care and attention; we advise on aircraft/ship financing, ship arrest, mortgaging and re-mortgaging, sale and purchase and regulatory compliance in relation thereto. We have also been involved in issues surrounding incidents at sea, collisions, insurance issues and other matters in relation thereto.

White Collar Crime. Many foreign companies are concerned about red tape and the potential for extortion in the process of obtaining licenses and permits, and they are often faced with demands for irregular fees or concessions based on personal relationships when seeking to bid for contracts. Companies are also concerned with the expectation of gifts and special treatment by counterparties.

In Indonesia, the criminal law procedures on White Collar Crime differ from those in other jurisdictions. Criminal law procedures for White Collar Crime are complex and are often lengthy. Therefore, it takes an experienced litigation lawyer to handle white collar crime cases. In general practice, the clients seek counsel from a reputable law firm specializing in white collar crime.

We take pride in the fact that our team of lawyers is experienced in handling criminal litigation involving white collar crime, corruption, commercial bribery, illegal financial transactions, money laundring, insurance fraud and other violations. We have represented clients in criminal investigations, prosecution and in court trials before the Corruption Eradication Commision (“KPK”), the district attorney and the State Court.

Intellectual Property and IP Dispute. Schinder Law Firm has provided legal services to various multinational companies in connection with Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Industrial Design Trade Secrets, Layout Design of Integrated Circuits, Licensing, Franchising and Intellectual Property Disputes. Our service include registration of intellectual property rights, drafts for licensing assignment of rights. We have represented clients in disputes before the commercial court and in arbitration. We have also represented clients in criminal law procedures in connection with intellectual property law violations.

Privacy, Data Protection and Cyber-Security. In view of the growing and constant evolution of technology, it is essential to provide an adequate protection, both to private and public entities. Taking into account its growing importance in the past few years, and its persistence development, Schinder has been assisting several public and private entities in Indonesia. In particular by defining compliance strategies adequate to each organisation, in a wide range of sectors of activity, such as financial and insurance, health, telecommunications and media, information technologies, among others.

We privilege a close relationship with our clients, sharing our know-how and experiences, in a way to reinforce their skills in the domain of privacy and data protection, supported by leading experts in privacy, data protection and cyber-security. Our firm is able to provide advisory and consultancy services not only on the appropriate implementation and compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act (“PDPA”) but also on how to operationalise compliance as a risk based strategy. These include to draft data protection policies, to draft new data protection contracts/agreements, to review the existing contracts/agreements, to draft internal agreements, codes of practice, best practices, etc.

We are also able to provide latest legal opinions and update organisations with latest decisions, laws and related developments that can impact their business, assisting on the implementation of international transfer projects of personal data and definition of rules and procedures for the treatment of personal data in the context of human resources’ management as well as to represent Client to lodge complaint which allows data subjects to initiate lawsuit before a supervisory authority or a national courts in instances of infringement of their rights.

Our Key People

Naz Juman Gulinazaer
Naz Schinder
Prof. I.B.R. Supancana
Prof. Dr. I.B.R. Supancana
Senior Advisor
Dr. Bambang Supriyanto
Dr. Bambang Supriyanto
Senior Advisor
Stevanus Joseph
Stevanus Joseph
Senior Advisor
Prof. Abu Bakar Munir
Prof. Abu Bakar Munir
Senior Advisor
Budhi Satya Makmur
Budhi Satya Makmur
Suryani Lim
Suryani Lin
Dewi Susanti

Some of Our Valued Clients

Naz Schinder


Naz Schinder is frequently described as an inspirational leader known for her nimble and logical thinking, her extensive experience and business contacts, and her solid track record in advising on complex legal questions in both litigation lawsuits and corporate law matters. Over the past decade, she has championed a legal team as Founder of Schinder Law Firm, specializing in a broad scope of projects within the Indonesian infrastructure and energy fields, some of which include electric power plants, freeway and bridge projects, and chemical plants. The legal services she provides include advising on the optimal legal structure of projects, carrying out due diligence, taking part in negotiations, offering legal analysis and legal opinions, and assisting in transactions.

Yet, her expertise is not confined to traditional domestic developments. In fact, Naz has assisted numerous foreign investment companies, institutions, and organizations in successfully investing in and entering the Indonesian market. She has become a trustworthy corporate consultant for companies and organizations from their initial establishment until the present.

Constantly seeking out new ways to challenge herself, Naz has expanded her already impressive breadth of expertise by founding BIAMC, Bali’s first and only arbitration and mediation center. She carries with her a progressive, entrepreneurial spirit that animates her one-of-a-kind Balinese non-profit association. She is committed to remaining forward-thinking while maintaining a special culture founded on teamwork, a healthy work environment, and a strong work ethic.

Other Significant Achievements:
– Member of the Indonesian Delegation to the UNCITRAL Working Group II on Arbitration and Conciliation Dispute Settlement- September 2019
– Awarded Top 50 Business Women in Asia-April 2018

Prof. Dr. I.B.R. Supancana

Senior Advisor

Prof. Dr. I.B.R Supancana obtained his PhD in International Law from Leiden University, the Netherland (1998), before that got his Master of International Law from University of Indonesia (1990) and Bachelor of Law (S.H) in International Law from Padjadajaran University (1983). He has also acted as a Guest Lecturer at several universities, not only in Indonesia but also abroad (among others: Advanced Studies on Air and Space Law, Leiden University, Kobe University). His main areas of expertise are in the field of Aviation and Space Law; Foreign Direct Investment Law; Settlement of Disputes (Arbitration and ADR); Cyber Law; Mining; International Commercial Contract; and Regulatory Reform.

He has acted as an advisor and consultant for various international organizations and donor countries (GIZ, JICA, World Bank, British Embassy, EU Trade, among others) as well as Indonesian Governmental Agencies (among others, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Defense, National Institute of Aeronautics and Space, National Law Reform Body, National Development Planning Board, National Investment Coordination Board, etc.). He often represents the government in bilateral and multilateral negotiations (ASEAN Regional Forum, APEC, UN Committee on Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, APSCO, among others).

Over the past 33 years, he has provided legal services to domestic as well as overseas companies, including appearing as an expert witness in the USA and Singapore and before the National Anti-Corruption Court. A trainer for certified training on mediation at the National Mediation Center (PMN) and for a training series on development of legal skills jointly organized by the Indonesian Bar Association (PERADI) with the Center for Law and Business (PPHBI) as a part capacity building/continuing legal education program.

Other notable contributions are as an editor at an international and national prestigious law journal (Journal of East-Asia and International Law, Korea; Asia Mediation Journal, Singapore; Indonesian Law Journal, Lex Mercatoria). He has published more than 40 books and research articles, and his articles have been published in many scientific journals. Currently, he is assigned by the government to chair an inter-department working group on preparing draft of the academic paper on draft of laws on private international law; a draft of law on a revision of the Indonesian Company Law; and also as one of the initiators of the draft of law on Personal Data Protection.

Dr. Bambang Supriyanto

Senior Advisor

Dr. Bambang Supriyanto is a Senior Of Counsel at Schinder Law Firm, a doctor in law from Padjadjaran State University, Bandung. He has over 32 years of experience in handling industrial relations. His most recent position was as an industrial relations advisor to the senior vice president of business services at Unocal Indonesia (an American oil & gas company). Subsequently, he moved to Chevron Indonesia. He has professional experience in labor matters, is a member of the National Labor Dispute Committee, a member of the team for the establishment of the Indonesia Labor Court, chairman of the industrial relations committee for an oil & gas company in Indonesia, a member delegate for ILO’s annual conference in Geneva, Switzerland on the team of comparative study of the Indonesian Employers Association to Oslo, Norway, has worked in labor dispute resolution in oil & gas companies, a chairman for Labor Law Review on outsourcing from the oil & gas sector. Currently, he is program director of Certified Human Resources Professionals, a lecturer for undergraduate and magister of law at Atma Jaya University, Jakarta, a senior consultant on industrial relations and a speaker at public seminars on labor law/industrial relations and a senior trainer in public training on labor law/industrial relations

Stevanus Joseph

Senior Advisor

Graduated as a Law Bachelor from Tarumanagara University Jakarta, and Magister of Notary from University of Indonesia, has a 10 years working experience in Notarial division, specialized in Company registration, all kinds of company licenses, company legal action, sale & purchase land or property agreement and transfer of ownership rights.

He also has vast experience in company Merger, Division, Acquisition, Restructuring. Dedicated and self earned esteemed reputation in Notarial media, Highly appreciated by clients and recognized domestically.

Prof. Abu Bakar Munir

Senior Advisor

Abu Bakar Munir is an internationally‑renowned scholar, expert and consultant on ICT Law and Data Protection Law. He held the position of Dean of the Faculty of Law, University of Malaya, Malaysia. Currently, he is a Professor of Law at the Faculty and an Associate Fellow at the University of Malaya, Malaysian Centre for Regulatory Studies (UMCoRS). He is a Legal Advisor and Data Protection Consultant at the Straits Interactive Pte Ltd Singapore, Academic Advisory Council Member of the Asia Pacific Institute for the Digital Economy (APIDE) Tokyo, a member of the Asian Privacy Scholars Network (APSN) and Chairman of the Data Protection Committee of the University of Malaya.

Professor Abu Bakar is the author of several books; Privatization (1992), Cyberlaw: Policies and Challenges (1999), Privacy and Data Protection (2002), Internet Banking: Law and Practice (2004), and Information and Communication Technology Law: State, Internet and Information (2010). His work Personal Data Protection in Malaysia: Law and Practice (2010) is a must-read book that provides guidance on how to comply with the Malaysian Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) of 2010. His most recent book, Data Protection Law in Asia (Thomson Reuters, Hong Kong) was published in December 2014. He is currently working on the second edition. He is also widely published in articles on various aspects of ICT law and data protection law. He speaks extensively at seminars, conferences and workshops in Malaysia and around the world, including at events organized by universities, such as NUS, Oxford, Cambridge, MIT, and others. Representatives of Google, Facebook and Yahoo are among the participants of his talks.

Professor Abu Bakar Munir is often consulted upon by governments and private entities around the globe. He was appointed as an advisor to the government of Malaysia on data protection in 2007 and was instrumental in the crafting and passing of PDPA 2010. Currently, he is a data protection consultant for the governments of Indonesia and Saudi Arabia. Together with a number of consultants from Europe, he was awarded a contract by the European Commission to undertake research and consultancy work to study the adequacy of data protection laws in Asia-Pacific countries.

Professor Abu Bakar was seconded as an IT Law Advisor and Principal Consultant to the government of Dubai, UAE where he led an international team of consultants in developing and drafting several IT legislation to facilitate the Dubai Internet City, a multi-billion dollar IT project. He was a Council Member of the Asia Pacific Privacy Charter Council (APPCC) and a recipient of the Malaysia Cyber Security Awards (Minister’s Award) in 2010 and the Malaysia Cyber Security Award (Information Security Visionary of the Year) in 2010. His other areas of specialization include Air and Space Law, Nanotechnology Law and Policy, and Renewable Energy Law and Policy. He has published numerous articles on these subjects. His work “Renewables: Solar Energy Needs Focus” was published in the Journal of Nature in January 2016.

Budhi Satya Makmur



Being a qualified Indonesian advocate, Budhi specializes in litigation, arbitration and other contentious matters. Budhi has extensive experience in representing numerous domestic and multi-national companies before the Indonesian National Board of Arbitration (BANI) and the Indonesian courts.

At Schinder Law Firm, he handles and has handled various matters related to anti-monopoly & competition law, bankruptcy, insolvency and debt restructuring, employment and labour disputes, intellectual property rights, franchise agreements, intellectual property disputes, family law and property, insurance and re-insurance, and aviation and shipping.

Prior to joining Schinder Law Firm, Budhi worked at one of the largest litigation law firms in Indonesia where he honed his litigation and lawyering skills, gaining valuable legal experience representing a wide range of high-profile clients as part of a team of notable Indonesian lawyers. Budhi’s litigation experience makes him a valuable part of Schrinder Law Firm, and clients more often than not specifically ask for his services when they require services related to litigation. Smart and wise at the negotiating table, and fierce at the courtroom, Budhi’s well-earned reputation knows no bounds.

Being extremely well-read, Budhi has also contributed as a co-author to various books and law journals. He speaks Indonesian and English. Budhi holds a Sarjana Hukum (LLB) degree from the Universitas Tarumanagara and Magister Hukum (LLM) from the University of Indonesia. In his spare time, Budhi enjoys travelling and cooking experimentally.

Representative Experiences

  • Represented a high governmental organization in an International Arbitration proceeding related to satellite project procurement;
  • Represented a Petroleum Technology Service Company in a BANI Arbitration proceeding related to a Seismic Service contract dispute;
  • Represented an IT Service Provider at a local court in relation to contractual default matters;
  • Represented a Petroleum Technology Service Company at local court in relation to a contractual dispute;
  • Represented a visa center in relation to an employment dispute;
  • Represented the Indonesian subsidiary company of China Drilling and Oil Field Operating Services Company in filing a criminal report against their business counterpart related to alleged fraud and embezzlement in numerous outstanding payments;
  • Represented the Indonesian Financial Services Authority (“OJK”) in Legal Due Diligence related to land and building purchasing;
  • Represented a major Chinesse Pharmaceutical Manufacturer on an investigation by the National Police related to violation of Indonesian Law on Health and Pharmaceutical Distribution;
  • Represented a foreign state-owned Construction Company in a construction dispute with a subcontractor as well as represented the Client in a criminal investigation related to said the construction dispute; And
  • Represented a multi-national company having business in the cement manufacturing industry in an acquisition of cement holding company.


University of Indonesia, 2015 – Masters in Economic Law
Tarumanagara University, 2010 – Bachelor of Law in Business Law

Areas of Expertise

Litigation & Court Procedures, Commercial Dispute Resolution, Business Law, Commercial Law, Merger & Acquisition, Corporate Finance, Land and Property Law, Investment Law, Intellectual Property Right, Bankruptcy Law, Insurance and Reinsurance Law, Asset Protection, Financial Regulation, Capital Market and Securities, Compliance and Risk Management, Large Commercial Transaction, Legal Due Diligence, Environment Law, Labor & employment Law, Corporate Transaction, Criminal Law, and Competition & Anti-Trust Law.

Suryani Lin



Suryani Lin is one of the younger partners at Schinder Law Firm. Being young however, has not stopped her from obtaining impressive achievements. In fact Suryani is well renowned as a partner who is always at the frontline when it comes to making sure that our clients get the best services when they hire our firm. Her exceptional abilities to move projects and cases forward by comprehending and understanding the business dynamics at hand, as well as the clients’ commercial interests, is of vital importance to Schinder Law Firm.

Being fluent in Mandarin, Suryani advises a wide range of Chinese state-owned clients across various industry sectors. Moreover, she provides general advice on corporate matters, including but not limited to licensing and company restructuring transactions from an Indonesian legal perspective. Suryani’s wide ranging experience makes her a very important member of Schinder Law Firm, with clients often praising her reliability, determination, and composure in coming through in difficult matters. Suryani’s comprehensive experience in the legal field has equipped her with impressive problem-solving abilities that always come in hand in the most difficult of scenarios. Where others are used to failing, Suryani is used to succeeding. And it is for this reason she is known to be one of the firm’s dependable problem solvers, always being ready to find answers where at first glance it seems that there are none.

Suryani also happens to believe that knowledge is key in today’s world, and therefore her hobbies include reading books on a variety of subjects that include positive psychology. The said books on positive psychology in turn help Suryani when it comes to dealing with opposing parties on the negotiating table, whereby she is able to implement first-hand the knowledge gained through her readings. In other words, Suryani’s hobbies are also focused around her work, and this, amongst other things, is one of the reasons why she is regarded by her peers as a workaholic that is always on the go.

When it comes to education, apart from obtaining a Bachelor of Law Degree from the University of Putera Batam, Suryani also holds an advocate’s professional training certificate from the Indonesian Advocate Association (PERADI).


  • Represented the Indonesian Financial Services Authority (“OJK”) in Legal Due Diligence related to land and building purchasing matters;
  • Represented a mining company regarding the issuance of the company’s business license;
  • Represented a foreign state-owned Construction Company regarding the issuance of the company’s construction permit;
  • Represented a multi-national Cement holding company having business in cement manufacturing in an acquisition of a cement holding company;
  • Represented a multi-national Automotive holding company in relation to the issuance of the company’s permit;
  • Represented a foreign state-owned agricultural Company in its dissolution including the revocation of all company permits.


University of Putera Batam, 2014 – Bachelor of Law

Areas of Expertise

Corporate Practice, Foreign Direct Investment, Legal Due Diligence, Licensing, Merger and Acquisition Transactions.

Dewi Susanti



Dewi Susanti is a qualified Indonesian advocate specializing in advising and assisting clients in corporate matters that include foreign direct investments, legal due diligence, licensing, joint ventures, corporate and debt restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, land acquisitions and intellectual property rights. Dewi’s can-do attitude is imperative for the firm in achieving the clients’ commercial interests while balancing them with prudent legal advice on the application of laws when handling projects and transactions.

Speaking Indonesian and English, Dewi is often able to get to the crux of the matter expeditiously, working her way through complex problems usually taking hours to sort out within a matter of minutes. Dewi’s project competition rate is one of the highest at Schinder Law Firm, and it is therefore no surprise that if a client wants to get their matters sorted out swiftly, Dewi is typically the partner whose help they ask for. Her advocacy skills are unmatched, and she is very good at defining problems, establishing their cause, and solving them head-on. In other words, if a client wants things done fast, and things done well, Dewi comes more than recommended. “Reliable, proactive, and hard-working”, are some of the adjectives that some of our clients have used to describe their experiences with Dewi. All in all, we won’t say that success is guaranteed when you make use of Dewi’s services, but it really is!

Dewi’s story with Schinder Law Firm started at the firm’s inception, and in fact she has been on Schinder Law Firm’s books since the firm’s early foundation days. She holds a Sarjana Hukum (LLB) degree from Universitas Padjajaran and Magister Kenotariatan (master’s degree for Notary Office) from Universitas Indonesia. Dewi enjoys worldwide travel, culinary and is also an avid badminton player.


  • Represented an energy company in its acquisition of a commercial-stage specialty power plant company and related equity and debt financing;
  • Represented a mining company in its acquisition of a commercial-stage specialty mining company on its US$30m private placement;
    Represented a construction company on its US$50m private placement;
  • Represented a specialty logistics company in its co-promotional agreement with a major logistics company;
    Represented a manufacturing company in a US$10m land transaction;
  • Represented a mining company in relation to the issuance of the company’s environmental permit;
  • Represented a construction company in relation to the issuance of the company’s construction and health & safety permit;
  • Represented companies in the automotive parts industry in relation to enforcement matters and good corporate governance;
  • Represented a shipping company in its dissolution including the revocation of all permits;
  • Conducted legal due diligence of land being bought and its prospective seller and recommending necessary legal actions; And
  • Conducting legal due diligence of a target company, recommending necessary legal actions, drafting legal documents and negotiating resolutions with the existing shareholders.


University of Indonesia, 2013 – Masters of Notary
Padjadjaran University, 2009 – Bachelor of Law

Areas of Expertise

Corporate Practice, Foreign Direct Investment, Legal Due Diligence, Licensing, Merger and Acquisition Transaction, Intellectual Property Rights, and Corporate & Debt Restructuring.

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