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Schinder Law Firm Expands to London: Your Gateway to Global Excellence

Schinder Law Firm is thrilled to announce the opening of our new office in London, United Kingdom. This significant milestone marks a pivotal moment in our global expansion strategy and reflects our ongoing commitment to meeting the complex needs of our international clients with personalized, top-tier services.

Our London office offers a meticulously curated range of services, designed to cater to various sectors, including investment immigration, real estate investment, educational consulting, concierge services, wealth management, and lifestyle services. We are dedicated to delivering comprehensive and seamless solutions that go beyond traditional approaches, ensuring that every unique aspect of our clients’ needs is met with exceptional care and expertise.

Our suite of services includes:

  1. Identity Planning and Immigration by Investment
    Our Identity Planning and Immigration by Investment services streamline the complexities of navigating global immigration. We assist our clients in selecting the most suitable program and manage all the procedures involved, facilitating a seamless transition to fulfill your international living and business ambitions.
  2. Real Estate Investment and Management
    Tap into the potential of the real estate market with our specialized services. We offer comprehensive market analysis, strategic property selection, and robust support for transactions and asset management. Our goal is to optimize your investment returns by providing a sophisticated and well-informed property investment experience.
  3. Education Planning and Advice
    Our tailored Education Planning and Advice services cater to both students and families seeking academic excellence in the UK. From selecting the right schools to mastering application processes and offering bespoke academic guidance, we ensure a smooth educational journey leading to success.
  4. Lifestyle Concierge Services
    Experience the epitome of personalized care with our Lifestyle Concierge Services. We refine your daily life in the UK with tailored assistance ranging from living arrangements to travel planning and exclusive event organization, all aimed at elevating your lifestyle to new heights of comfort and convenience.
  5. Banking and Wealth Management
    Our Banking and Wealth Management services, in partnership with leading global financial institutions, provide you with elite wealth management and investment advice. We equip our clients with sophisticated financial planning strategies to foster a future of prosperity and financial security.

Whether you are refining your investment strategies, transitioning to life in the UK, or seeking educational guidance, Schinder’s London office is your dedicated partner. Our extensive array of services, backed by a team of experienced professionals, is designed to transform your ambitions into remarkable realities.

Start your journey towards excellence by contacting us at info@schinderconsulting.com. We will develop a tailored blueprint for your aspirations, helping you achieve the highest levels of success. At Schinder Law Firm, we strive to not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations with every engagement.

Discover the new standard of global legal and advisory services with Schinder Law Firm in London.

Schinder Consultant London Ltd.


Welcome to our London office, where a cadre of seasoned professionals is dedicated to providing an unparalleled standard of sophisticated legal services to a discerning global clientele. Our overarching mission is to facilitate the realization of your international life and business objectives with the utmost precision and finesse, ensuring a seamless integration into your new environment.
In the domain of our proficiency, we present a meticulously curated portfolio of services that extends across diverse sectors, encompassing investment immigration, real estate investment, educational consulting, concierge services, wealth management, and lifestyle services. Our commitment lies in the delivery of holistic, one-stop solutions that surpass conventional boundaries, attending to the intricate nuances of your distinctive needs with a prideful dedication to excellence. We embrace a commitment to excellence, striving to not only meet but exceed the expectations.