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House of Representatives Passes the Mother and Child Welfare Law: 6 Months of Maternity Leave and Salary Guarantee for Mothers

The House of Representatives (DPR) has passed the Draft Law on Mother and Child Welfare (Kesejahteraan Ibu dan Anak or KIA) into Law during a plenary session of the DPR, Tuesday (6/4/2024). One of the key points of this law is the guarantee that a mother has the right to maternity leave for up to 6 months. This provision is stated in Article 4 Paragraph (3) letter a, which reads: Every working mother is entitled to: a. maternity leave with the following conditions: 1. at least the first 3 months, and 2. at most the next 3 months if there are special conditions proven by a doctor’s certificate.

The guarantee of salary for mothers taking 6 months of maternity leave is stipulated in Article 5 Paragraph (2). This article outlines 3 provisions for the payment of wages to mothers taking 6 months of maternity leave, namely: a. full payment for the first 3 months, b. full payment for the fourth month, and c. 75% of wages for the fifth and sixth months.

The Mother and Child Welfare Law specifies the conditions for a mother to receive an additional 3 months of leave. This leave is only for mothers with special conditions as outlined in Article 4 Paragraph (5). The two special conditions mentioned are: first, mothers experiencing health complications post-delivery or miscarriage, and second, mothers whose newborns experience health problems, complications, or health disorders.

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