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Schinder Law Firm and Sun Lawyers LLP Form Strategic Cooperation

On 8 May 2024, Indonesia’ Schinder Law Firm and Hong Kong’s Sun Lawyers LLP held a meaningful ceremony to sign a strategic cooperation agreement, officially embarking on a deep collaboration and win-win path in the field of international legal services. The ceremony was attended by Schinder Law Firm’s Founder Ms. Naz Schinder, Partner Ms. Suryani Lim, Lawyer Mr. Hendra Tanli Wijaya, and Sun Lawyers LLP’s Founder Mr. Szeto Wai Sun, Partner Mr. Stanley Chan, Partner Ms. Doreen Kong, and Partner Mr. Franky Fung, who jointly witnessed this important moment. This online signing ceremony injected new vitality and momentum into the formal launch of the cooperation. The leaders and representatives of both parties attended together, fully reflecting their high regard for and firm commitment to the collaboration.

Schinder Law Firm is recognized as one of the most reputable law firms in Indonesia, renowned for its excellent legal expertise and rich practical experience. Sun Lawyers LLP, as an esteemed law firm in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, has a joint venture law firm in Nansha, Guangzhou, China. It not only has a deep presence in the Hong Kong market but also actively participates in China’s legal services and development.

According to the cooperation agreement, the two parties will establish a strategic alliance to cooperate with each other in a non-exclusive manner. We will integrate resources and cooperate in the legal service fields of Indonesia, Hong Kong, and China, aiming to provide clients with comprehensive and efficient legal solutions, help clients solve problems, reduce risks, and create more business opportunities. In addition, the two parties will actively cooperate to hold legal seminars and other activities aimed at enhancing corporate legal knowledge to promote the improvement of legal services.

This cooperation not only demonstrates the professional strength and spirit of collaboration in the legal service field of both parties but also brings richer and more diverse legal resources and services to clients. Both parties will fully leverage their respective advantages, work together, and jointly create a new chapter in the field of international legal services.

This meaningful signing ceremony has laid a solid foundation for the cooperation between the two parties. We look forward to working hand in hand with Sun Lawyers LLP to create a bright future together!

If you, a prospective client, have further inquiries about the topic discussed above, Schinder Law Firm is one of many corporate law firms in Indonesia that has handled numerous similar matters, with many experienced and professional corporate and civil lawyers in its arsenal, making it one of the top consulting firms in Indonesia. Feel free to contact us at info@schinderlawfirm.com for further consultation.

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