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It started from a simple vision. What started in a private living room has evolved into a bustling and burgeoning law firm. Schinder Law Firm (SLF) has not only emerged as a first-class, full scope law firm but also as a avid contributor to its legal community. The firm feels its success can only be fully realized by doing its part to raise the standard of future legal professionals. Hence in this same spirit, SLF has entered into a dynamic collaboration with Atma Jaya University’s Faculty of Law to enhance lawyering skills of the faculty’s current students. Clearly, the goal is to cultivate mutual growth and success.

Today, there no denying that businesses need interdisciplinary research approaches to societal challenges, which are key to providng services to new markets. Universities are amongst the main sources for knowledge, innovative thinking, and skill development on such societal needs. Aligning interests – mutual interests and shared experience – is the challenge but promises equal value on both sides. The collaboration was executed by signing a new expanded Cooperation Agreement on Wednesday, 11 April 2018 at Schinder Law Firm. The firm was represented by Ibu Naz Juman Gulinazaer, Managing Partner and Atma Jaya University was represented by Mrs. Yanti Fristikawati, Dean of the Law Faculty. The Scope of this Cooperation Agreement includes:

  • Short Course Program;
  • Exhibition;
  • Exchange of data and information for Law research activities and studies in legal fields and other relevant matters;
  • Internship activities at Schinder Law Firm and/or a THIRD PARTY’s (Schinder Law Firm’s client) offices for undergraduate students of the Law Faculty University of Atma Jaya.

All the programs covered in this cooperation agreement aim to enrich both parties in terms of knowledge, experience, and expertise and to provide invaluable exsposure into particular areas of practice.

At SLF, the company’s mission is truly evident in its desire and its actions to ‘pay it forward’ to the future. No doubt, the firm will continue to take steps to contribute and support the Indonesian community of legal practitioners.

Schinder Consultant London Ltd.


Welcome to our London office, where a cadre of seasoned professionals is dedicated to providing an unparalleled standard of sophisticated legal services to a discerning global clientele. Our overarching mission is to facilitate the realization of your international life and business objectives with the utmost precision and finesse, ensuring a seamless integration into your new environment.
In the domain of our proficiency, we present a meticulously curated portfolio of services that extends across diverse sectors, encompassing investment immigration, real estate investment, educational consulting, concierge services, wealth management, and lifestyle services. Our commitment lies in the delivery of holistic, one-stop solutions that surpass conventional boundaries, attending to the intricate nuances of your distinctive needs with a prideful dedication to excellence. We embrace a commitment to excellence, striving to not only meet but exceed the expectations.