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Updated Provisions on Electrical Charging Infrastructure for Battery-based Electric Vehicles in Indonesia

To accelerate the battery-powered electric motorized vehicles (“Electric Vehicles”) program and the provision of charging infrastructure, the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources has issued Regulation No. 1 of 2023 on the Provision of Electrical Charging Infrastructure for Battery-powered Electric Motorized Vehicles (“Regulation 1/2023”) as a fundamental regulation in Indonesia. Consequently, the previous legal framework that regulated electric vehicle charging infrastructure, specifically the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Regulation No. 13 of 2020 has now been repealed and replaced. In general, the goal of Regulation 1/2023 is for more people to use electric transportation in the future, thereby reducing fuel consumption, which can have an impact on improving air quality also is also a form of energy independence.

Electricity charging infrastructure for Electric Vehicles includes:

  1. Recharging facility, consisting of at least Electrical Power Supply equipment; a current, voltage and communication control system; and a protection and security system, which can be done on a Private Electrical Installation and/or the Public Electric Vehicle Charging Stations/ Stasiun Pengisian Kendaraan Listrik Umum (“SPKLU”).
  2. Battery exchange facility.

SPKLU Business Entity shall provide Charging Stations in one location or more according to location mapping and technology replenishment regulated by the Ministerial Regulation.

SPKLU Business Entity provides the charging facility for Electric Vehicles owners, and must obtain an SPKLU Identity Number. To get the SPKLU Identity Number, the business entity must submit a SPKLU schematic and location data in an efficient manner written to the Minister. The SPKLU Identity Number must be posted in the SPKLU’s location and be seen clearly.

The SPKLU Business Entity is a Business Entity:

  1. holder of integrated Business License for the Electricity Provision for Public Interest/Izin Usaha Penyediaan Tenaga Listrik untuk Kepentingan Umum (“IUPTLU”); or
  2. sales IUPTLU holder,

who has a Business Area to do sales of electricity at SPKLU. Furthermore, to speed up the Electric Vehicles program, the SPKLU Business Entity shall have SPKLU located in more than one province. A business entity carrying out SPKLU business activities must obtain:

  1. the stipulation of Business Area;
  2. RUPTL approval; and
  3. integrated or sales IUPTLU.

In carrying out business activities of replenishment for Electric Vehicles, SPKLU Business Entity must have online apps that at a minimum work as:

  1. registration media for Electric Vehicles owners;
  2. provide information about the location of the Charging Stations and available socket types;
  3. provide information on electricity charging rates;
  4. provide information on the amount of electricity for each plug used for Electric Vehicles; and
  5. media and transaction reporting for Electric Vehicles.

A SPKLU Business Entity can cooperate with other SPKLU Business Entities in providing applications online. Furthermore, the SPKLU Business Entity shall place a data center for the SPKLU application online in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia.

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