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Schinder’s Lawyer Invited to Speak in the Young Social Entrepreneur Program in Singapore

One of our lawyers, Andri Rizki Putra was invited to share his views and knowledge as a key opinion leader representing Indonesia in the social entrepreneurship program held by Singapore International Foundation on March 20th through 24th. Rizki shared his experience in running a not for profit education institution Yayasan Pemimpin Anak Bangsa (YPAB) to more than 100 aspiring young social entrepreneurs from 31 countries.

Outside his professional life as a lawyer, Rizki is an activist advocating equal access to education in Indonesia. Through YPAB, Rizki and his fellow activists provide free-tuitions of official Indonesian school curriculums, enabling underprivileged students who dropped out from school to continue their formal education since 2012.

His extensive experience in building the education institution brought him to this prestigious international event commissioned by the Government of Singapore, in which he discussed the challenges as well as gave some practical tips in developing a start-up. The event was interactive and the participants showed their enthusiasm by keenly listening to the presentation and raised good questions at the discussion session.

Schinder encourages their lawyers and staff to pursue purposeful out of work activities by maintaining reasonable and predictable work hours. We want our people to be well-rounded individuals with passions and purposes. Schinder is committed to supporting its lawyers and staff in contributing to society beyond work-related matters.

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is an associate at Schinder Law Firm. His practice focus is corporate commercial, with key industry focus of financial technology. He has advised international clients in the establishment of foreign direct investment fintech companies, acquiring business licenses and permits (including liaising with OJK, the Indonesian Financial Services Authority), as well as registering brand trademarks.

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