Schinder-EP Legal Collaboration

Schinder has entered into official collaboration with EP Legal, a reputable Vietnamese law firm with headquarters in Ho Chi Minh and offices in Ha Noi and London, UK.

EP Legal is the first Vietnamese law firm which is specialized in oil & gas Industry with the foremost legal practice to support clients’ needs in the energy industry In Vietnam. EP Legal also focuses on infrastructure and manufacturing industry. They have substantial experience in delivering legal services in support of local Vietnamese and international commercial transactions, incorporations, mergers & acquisitions, maritime and aviation and other legal interests.

Schinder is the biggest Indonesian law firm for Chinese investments in Indonesia. We have a team of lawyers with specialist expertise providing across the board legal services. We are capable in delivering legal services in English and Mandarin. Furthermore, we have deep understanding to both Indonesian and Chinese cultures. Schinder Law Firm is listed as one of the recommended law firms by the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia and have two Indonesian offices: Jakarta and Bali.

Schinder-EP Legal collaboration is the firm’s innovative effort in responding to the current economic trends in the regional market. There has been growth in Chinese investments in South East Asia, particularly in Indonesia and Vietnam. Furthermore, the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and the anticipated ASEAN Economic Community (AIC) are predicted to expand the economic opportunities and make the region one of the most dynamic markets in the world.

By working together, we create a cross-cultural team of professionals. Our collective expertise and experience enables us to deliver legal services in at least three languages, i.e. English, Vietnamese and Indonesian, with the ability to bridge the cultural difference between the investors and the host countries.

The collaboration will strengthen Schinder and EP Legal’s offerings in high quality legal services for business actors who have commercial interests in Indonesia and Vietnam. Together we are ready to assist clients in growing their business.

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