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Replacement of the Previous Job Creation Law in Indonesia

Law Number 11 of 2020 on Job Creation (“Law 11/2020”) was ratified on 2nd November 2020 as the applicable regulation in Indonesia. However, the implementation of Law 11/2020 became ineffective right after Indonesian Constitutional Court (“MK”), through MK Decision Number 91/PUU-XVIII/2020, deemed Law 11/2020 as conditionally unconstitutional. To tackle this concern, Indonesia’s government contrived Indonesia Government Regulation in Lieu of Law Number 2 of 2022 on Job Creation (“GR 2/2022”). With the enactment of GR 2/2022, Law 11/2020 is revoked. GR 2/2022 provides legal certainty regarding the continuation of Law 11/2020, thus providing confidence and reliance when it comes to investing in Indonesia.

GR 2/2022 is ratified under several considerations, of which the main consideration is the implementation of MK Decision Number 91/PUU-XVIII/2020 and the threats of economic slowdown and inflation. There are special requirements to enact a Government Regulation in Lieu of Law, in accordance with MK Decision Number 138/PUU-VII/2009, the enactment of a Government Regulation in Lieu of Law must meet these stated requirements:

  1. The urgent need to solve a legal matter rapidly;
  2. The law needed has not been enacted or has been enacted but it is inadequate;
  3. There is a legal vacuum which cannot be overcome by enacting a law using the usual procedure, which takes a long time, while the urgent matter needs to be solved.

GR 2/2022 also complements several Law 11/2020 provisions, of which those provisions include a minimum wage provision, outsourcing, water resources and the adjustment to Law Number 7 of 2021 on Harmonization of Tax Regulations and Law Number 1 of 2022 on Financial Relation between Central Government and Local Government. GR 2/2022 shall have an impact on foreign investment in Indonesia. Despite the current uproar by the public regarding certain provisions stipulated under GR 2/2022, this Government Regulation in Lieu of Law must first be ratified by the House of Representatives.

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Author: Suryani Lim

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