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PT Shenhua Guohua Lion Power Indonesia (“SGLPI”) Appoints Schinder Law Firm as its On-Site Legal Trainer

While Schinder Law Firm (SLF) has been providing legal services to SGLPI for some time, its scope of services has now expanded to include legal training for SGLPI staff on their project site. The training will take place on a regular basis, and it will be geared toward ensuring legal compliance with Indonesian Laws and Regulations, specifically on both applicable labor law and company law. Trainings will be led by both Budhi Satya Makmur (Partner) and Erick Sanjaya Perkasa (Associate). Within the breadth of the training, SLF will also provide legal solutions to all of the legal technical problems encountered by the foreign employees of SGLPI.

PT. ShenHua Guohua Lion Power Indonesia
PT. ShenHua Guohua Lion Power Indonesia 

Since the first quarter of 2018, SGLPI has appointed SLF as its Permanent Legal Advisor to its coal fired steam power plant with a capacity of 350 MW in South Sumatera, Muara enim region. SLF anticipates a long, mutually beneficial relationship with the energy giant. Clearly, SLF remains actively engaged with and committed to the Indonesian energy and power sectors. Our firm is able to proficiently offer a full range of legal services relating to all matters in these sectors for both upstream and downstream. We are eager to expertly assist you in similar matters.

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