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Immigration Stay Permits Service During the New Normal

COVID-19 has forced governments around the world to take various different actions. Almost all governments imposed travel restrictions one way or another. In Indonesia, international travel has been almost halted and foreigners are finding it very difficult to enter Indonesia.

The Directorate General of Immigration recently issued Circular Letter No.IMI-GR.01.01-1102 of 2020 on Immigration Stay Permit Service during the New Normal Period (“Circular Letter”). It came into effect on 13 July 2020 and applies to stay permit holders who are currently located overseas as well as to the holders of emergency stay permits in Indonesia.

What’s new under the Circular Letter?

1) Foreigners with stay permits who are currently overseas must return to Indonesia for an extension of their stay permit

Expired permanent stay permit (“ITAP”) and temporary stay permit (“ITAS”) holders who are currently abroad will need to return to Indonesia to extend their stay permits at a local immigration office by 10 September 2020 (within 60 calendar days from 13 July). Failure to apply within this timeline will be result in them having to apply for a new visa before they re-enter Indonesia.

This only applies to those expired ITAS and ITAP holders, who have already had an approval letter from the Ministry/Technical Institution (work permit), as well as foreigners who have applied for the ITAS or ITAP for family visiting.

2) Extension for ITK, ITAS and ITAP is still possible

The holders of a visiting stay permit (“ITK”), ITAS and ITAP previously could not apply for an extension of their stay permits. Those holders, who are still located in Indonesia can now apply for their stay permit extension at immigration offices.

3) The revocation of ITKT holder status

The emergency stay permit (“ITKT”) will be revoked. Anyone who had been granted the emergency stay permit based on his or her ITK, ITAS, ITAP and Visa on Arrival Visit (“VKSK”) but could not exit Indonesia may request a stay permit extension. The time limit to request such stay permit extension is 11 August 2020 (30 days from 13th July). The holders of ITK may apply to change their status to ITAS and the holders of ITAS may change their status to ITAP.

Any holder of ITAP, who is unable to extend the stay permit by 11 August 2020, must leave Indonesia within the same time period (i.e., 11 August).

4) ITK and ITAS holder who hold a telex visa and notification do not need to leave the country to apply for an extension


The holders of ITK and ITAS who already have telex visa and located in Indonesia may apply for renewal of their ITK and ITAS at their local immigration office without leaving Indonesia and without applying for a visa to a representative of Republic of Indonesia overseas.

Importantly, this only applies to telex visa holders. In case the visa is not a telex visa, it will be necessary to leave the country and apply for an extension.

How Schinder Law Firm can help

Several years ago, staying beyond the duration of one’s visa could be “resolved” by paying a very small fine. These days are over and, especially in the days of COVID-19, a violation of the immigration provisions should not be taken lightly.

Schinder Law Firm has been working with numerous foreigners on various different forms of stay permits over the last years and we have advised several foreigners during the last months. In addition to advising you on your various options, our experience also helps us in obtaining stay permits faster and in a more efficient way than individuals can.

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