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Data Protection Officer Certification Worskhop

The economic and political impact of controlling personal data created the need to regulate organisations and individuals involved in collecting, storing, processing and transferring such data.

Jurisdictions across the world have enacted data protection laws with extra-territorial applications. Indonesia is no exception in adapting and responding to this global phenomenon in this 4th Industrial Revolution era. The largest South East Asian economy will have its own personal data protection law (Undang-Undang Perlindungan Data Pribadi) that adopts EU GDPR approach. Under the new Indonesian personal data protection law, organisations will be required to consult with Data Protection Officer (DPO) to ensure compliance, evaluating the impact in the use of personal data, as well as handling personal data breaches.

DPO is a new profession, especially in Indonesia. The legal requirement for companies to have in-house DPO or employ the services of external professional DPO has created an increasing demand for DPO in the job market. Companies are investing in building their personal data protection department and law firms are expanding their services to respond to their clients’ need in personal data protection related matters.

Schinder is proud to organise the first DPO Certification Workshop in Indonesia. The Workshop will be facilitated by prominent international expert in personal data protection laws and designed to provide detailed understanding on the subject under local laws and international best practice. Upon the completion of the Workshop, participants will have the required skills and expertise to act as professional DPO.

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