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Data Protection Law Workshop Newsletter

Data Protection Law Workshop Newsletter

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Event Workshop Details

“Insights into the current data protection environment”

On 28 April 2017, Schinder Law Firm successfully held a Data Protection Law Workshop as part of a series of workshops to prepare professionals for the soon to be enacted Indonesian Data Protection Law. The speaker was one of our Senior Advisors, Professor Abu Bakar Munir, a Malaysian national. Currently, he is a Professor of Law at the Faculty and an Associate Fellow at the University of Malaya, Malaysian Centre for Regulatory Studies (UMCoRS). He is a Legal Advisor and Data Protection Consultant at Straits Interactive Pte Ltd Singapore, an Academic Advisory Council Member of the Asia Pacific Institute for Digital Economy (APIDE) Tokyo, a member of the Asian Privacy Scholars Network (APSN), and the Chairman of the Data Protection Committee of the University of Malaya.

The main topic of the workshop that we presented was Personal Data Protection International Instruments; National Approaches and Data Protection in Asia and ASEAN; Transpacific Partnership Agreement; Indonesia’s Existing Law on Data Protection; New Proposed Draft of Indonesia’s Data Protection; Impact of the Data Protection Law on Companies and Organizations; and How To Be in Compliance. The purpose of this workshop was to give insight into what the law will entail and what is to be expected from companies. In addition, a brief overview of the international instruments, as well as a comparative analysis of existing laws in ASEAN countries was also provided.

We note that many companies, organizations and enterprises are still unaware of the implications of data protection, which could be seen from the questions brought up by the participants at the event. In conclusion, this is a heads-up for the upcoming Data Protection Law Workshop. Please stay updated by visiting our website.

Data Protection Law Workshop Newsletter