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Spain Permanent Residence Program

The Program

The permanent residence program in Spain offers non-European citizens an avenue to establish legal residency by contributing to the nation’s economic development. This program provides a range of benefits, including the right to work, live, and pursue education in Spain. It also serves as a viable pathway to Spanish citizenship for investors who make Spain their primary residence and fulfill the necessary criteria.

Acquiring a Spanish residence permit not only grants access to the country’s vibrant lifestyle and cultural richness but also fosters integration and a sense of belonging within the local community. Moreover, the program plays a crucial role in promoting diversity and innovation, attracting skilled professionals and entrepreneurs who contribute to Spain’s economic growth and global competitiveness.

In essence, the Spanish permanent residence program is designed to facilitate a mutually beneficial relationship between individuals and the Spanish society, offering opportunities for personal and professional growth while enriching the nation’s cultural fabric and economic landscape.

Key Advantages

    1. Stability:
      Spain provides a stable environment for residents in terms of both economy and politics, ensuring a secure place to live, work, and study.
    2. Pathway to Citizenship:
      For those meeting the requirements, the program serves as a viable route to obtaining Spanish citizenship, providing long-term settlement opportunities.
    3. Freedom to Travel:
      Holders of the residence permit enjoy unrestricted movement within all 27 Schengen countries, enhancing their mobility and travel options.
    4. Cultural Experience:
      Residents can immerse themselves in Spain’s iconic culture, climate, entertainment, and historical landmarks, enriching their overall living experience.
    5. Family Inclusion:
      The program allows for the inclusion of spouses and children in the residency application, fostering family unity and cohesion.
    6. Strategic Location:
      Spain’s convenient location offers excellent air connectivity to both Europe and global destinations, making travel and business connections easy and convenient.

Primary Program Requirements​

Applicants for the program can choose one of the following options to qualify:

  • Real Estate Investment: Purchase property in Spain valued at a minimum of EUR 500,000.
  • Business Creation: Establish a new business in Spain that is considered to be of “general interest” to the Spanish community, as determined by the Government of Spain.
  • Financial Investments: Invest EUR 2 million in government bonds, EUR 1 million in shares of Spanish companies, or deposit EUR 1 million in a Spanish bank account.

Application Process​

  1. Schinder Consultant London guides the Client through the initial visa application process and assists in gathering all necessary documents. The client is then required to submit their golden visa application at a diplomatic or consular office in Spain. Alternatively, the new business option can be pursued online.
  2. The application undergoes processing within an average of ten working days from the submission date, after which the Client receives their first “golden visa.”
  3. Initially valid for one year, the “golden visa” can be converted into a full three-year residence permit, contingent upon meeting additional requirements. To successfully convert the initial golden visa into a five-year residence permit, the applicant must be physically present in Spain to complete relevant procedures and provide biometric data.
  4. Upon submission of the application to the relevant immigration office in Spain, the residence permit is typically issued within twenty working days. Schinder Consultant London oversees this process to ensure efficiency and compliance.

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