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Our Firm

A legal entity is a type of invisible infrastructure: make yours as solid as possible.

Our Vision

The Road to a First-Class, Full-Scope Law Firm

Our vision is to emerge as a first-class, full-scope law firm with which businesses desire to associate because our consistent, proficient team delivers an exceptional experience in tailor-made, comprehensive, and value-added legal services. When a CEO asks his or her general counsel for the best lawyers in town, we want to be on the short list, particularly when the stakes are high, the matter is complex, and the parties appear unyielding.

We will continue to magnify the depth of our practice groups, as well as add new groups in order to provide clients with a broad range of quality services.

Because of our diverse experiences as litigators and trial attorneys, we can offer multi-layered understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of claims and defenses and are able to help litigators and their clients recognize when it is in their best interest to “give a little more” or “take a little less” based on our insightful analysis of the facts, the law, and how judges are likely to respond to their arguments. In addition, we will grow our legal team by selectively adding attorneys who can bring a new and distinct approach to client satisfaction in some of most complex and interesting issues affecting businesses and governments around the globe. This vision influences and underlines all Schinder’s behavior, decisions, and interactions.

Our Mission

Schinder Law Firm’s overarching mission is to provide clients with a comprehensive spectrum of domestic and international services, from the initial foreign investment decision to the establishment and operation of a successful Indonesian business. We have the unique ability to not only guide clients with practical solutions and advice on Indonesia’s complex, dynamic regulatory landscape including all corporate and commercial issues from every day to the uncommon but to also function as a principal partner in all legal matters.

We are a group of extraordinary people who apply legal knowledge, business insight, creative thinking, and practical know-how to serve each other and our clients. Our practice encompasses the whole range of commercial and financial disputes including defamation, insurance litigation, banking litigation, professional negligence, administrative law matters, proceedings for judicial review, and more.

Clients come to us with problems and walk away with real-world practical solutions that can add value to their business model.

For our clients, we are committed to delivering efficient, cost-effective, and expeditious legal services with a focus on communication, responsiveness, and attention to detail while maintaining the highest standards of professional integrity. We thrive on the individual and collaborative efforts that are essential to producing excellent results.

For our Firm, we accomplish our mission by promoting an inclusive atmosphere in which all individuals regardless of race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, pregnancy and maternity, marriage and civil partnership, age, or disability are encouraged to learn, to improve, and to become leaders in the legal, business, and civic communities. It is important to us to foster an enjoyable working environment, based on open communication and mutual respect.

Our Mission

Client-First Approach

Our strategy puts our clients at the heart of everything we do. We pride ourselves on providing risk management, targeted-industry, multi-jurisdictional, and corporate governance advice that allows clients to remain mobile through education, technology, and solutions-oriented service. Our strategy also puts our people at our very center because we know they are business critical for our clients and us.

Legal Expertise

We have an absolute focus on core areas of law to ensure we create the genuine depth of expertise our clients expect. Now that we have more than 30 people and two offices in Indonesia, our growth strategy for the next three years is about consolidation and organic growth within our core geographic and industry markets.

Talents & Resources

To do this, we know we need more than just talented lawyers. We need talented people, supported by the right resources and technology, in our IT, Risk, Knowledge, Finance, HR, Marketing, and Operations teams too. That’s why we keep investing in these areas, regardless of economic market fluctuations, because Schinder understands the uplift inefficiencies and relevance for our clients that these investments create.