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While Star Trek, Star Wars, and even the Jetsons implanted fantastical images of life beyond our conventional capabilities, the present and future realities are no longer so far-fetched. In fact, each day brings us closer to achieving feats once believed impossible. With the excitement of charting ‘strange new worlds’ comes the inevitable logistics involved. True, the development of science and technology and their vast applications facilitate human activities in many fields, including commercial ventures. On the other hand, newfound frontiers may also invite legal problems, both within public and private law landscapes.

Therefore, it’s time to practically explore the potential risks and their corresponding protective measures associated with emerging technologies. In the last few years, developments in the fields of aviation, outer space, and cyberspace have reached their maturities. Varieties of applications can be observed ranging from aviation industries (airlines, manufacturing, maintenance, financing, insurance), space industries (launching, manufacturing and operating of satellites and spacecraft; financing and insurance; human settlement; space mining), to cyberspace industries (intellectual property rights, cyber banking, cloud computation, big data).

Obviously, legal issues arising from such activities are very specific and complex, demanding special knowledge, skill, and experience. This is where Schinder Law Firm (SLF) shines. Recognizing the growing need to fulfill these unique requirements, SLF is proud to accounce its establishment of a new Practice Group in the fields of Aviation, Outer Space, and Cyber Law. Our new group consists of a combination of experts with vast expertise and decades of experience, professionals able to assist any client with problem resolutions as well as venture creations indicative of these fields. We offer a comprehensive approach to the legal issues not only in public and private law but also in national and international law, enabling us to provide a total and complete solution to our clients. Clearly, this is one of the undeniable competitive advantages of this Practice Group.

Scope Of Services

Aviation Law

  • Public Air Law
    1. Aviation Safety
    2. Aviation Security
    3. Air Traffic Management
    4. Aviation Economics
    5. Air Agreements
    6. Aviation Crime
    7. Aviation Litigation
  • Private Air Law
    1. Airline’s liability
    2. Product Liability
    3. Aviation Insurance
    4. Aviation Financing
    5. Airport’s Liability
    6. Aviation Dispute Settlement

Outer Space Law

  • Public Outer Space Law
    1. Space Security
    2. Space Communications
    3. Space Environment
    4. Space Launch
    5. Space Registration
    6. Orbital Slot and Frequencies
    7. Military Use of Outer Space
    8. Space Situation Awareness
    9. Launching State’s Liability
    10. Remote sensing by satellites
    11. Direct broadcasting by satellites
    12. Future Air Navigation System using Satellites
    13. Outer Space Litigation
  • Private Outer Space Law
    1. Space Insurance
    2. Space Financing
    3. Space Tourism
    4. Space Commerce
    5. Space Mining
    6. Space Assets
    7. Intellectual Property Rights in Outer Space
    8. Space Contracts
    9. Space Dispute Settlement

Cyber Law

  • Public Cyber Law
    1. Cyber security
    2. Computer Crimes
    3. Privacy and Personal Data Protection
    4. Digital Economy
    5. Freedom of Information
    6. Big Data
    7. E Government
  • Private Cyber Law
    1. E commerce
    2. Domain names
    3. Online copyright
    4. Internet Banking
    5. Crypto Currency
    6. Cyber Audit
    7. Cyber Arbitration
    8. Cyber Litigation

Members Of The Practice Group

  1. Prof. Dr. I B R Supancana, SH. MH (Coordinator)
  2. Prof. Dr. Abu Bakar Munir
  3. Dr Jur Sih Yuliana Wahyuningtyas, SH, MHum.
  4. Maman Usman Rasidi, SH, MH.
  5. Ridha Aditya Nugraha, SH, L.LM.


Unequivocally, our universe is expanding both physically and ethereally. It only makes sense that the legal field evolve and expand with it. We at SLF aim to be at the forefront of such groundbreaking transformations, empowering and protecting our clients along the way.

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