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Our Services

Schinder Law Firm provides innovative legal services across a vast range of practice areas with a unique commercial focus. We understand your business concerns and offer value-added service at an international standard. We are more than a boutique law firm, not because we do different things, but because we do them differently: we have a one-stop full-service supply chain from the initial legal issue to its resolution. We are endowed with an intimate knowledge of our clients’ commercial concerns, having represented major corporations from around the world in complex high-value transactions.

At Schinder Law Firm we pride ourselves on providing personal attention which is the hallmark of a boutique firm along with the depth of experience and relationships associated with larger firms.

Aviation, Outer Space, And Cyber Law

While Star Trek, Star Wars, and even the Jetsons implanted fantastical images of life beyond our conventional capabilities, the present and future realities are no longer so far-fetched. In fact, each day brings us closer to achieving feats once believed impossible. With the excitement of charting ‘strange new worlds’ comes the inevitable logistics involved. True, the development of science and technology and their vast applications facilitate human activities in many fields, including commercial ventures. On the other hand, newfound frontiers may also invite legal problems, both within public and private law landscapes.

Therefore, it’s time to practically explore the potential risks and their corresponding protective measures associated with emerging technologies. In the last few years, developments in the fields of aviation, outer space, and cyberspace have reached their maturities. Varieties of applications can be observed ranging from aviation industries (airlines, manufacturing, maintenance, financing, insurance), space industries (launching, manufacturing and operating of satellites and spacecraft; financing and insurance; human settlement; space mining), to cyberspace industries (intellectual property rights, cyber banking, cloud computation, big data).

Obviously, legal issues arising from such activities are very specific and complex, demanding special knowledge, skill, and experience. This is where Schinder Law Firm (SLF) shines. Recognizing the growing need to fulfill these unique requirements, SLF is proud to accounce its establishment of a new Practice Group in the fields of Aviation, Outer Space, and Cyber Law. Our new group consists of a combination of experts with vast expertise and decades of experience, professionals able to assist any client with problem resolutions as well as venture creations indicative of these fields. We offer a comprehensive approach to the legal issues not only in public and private law but also in national and international law, enabling us to provide a total and complete solution to our clients. Clearly, this is one of the undeniable competitive advantages of this Practice Group.

Unequivocally, our universe is expanding both physically and ethereally. It only makes sense that the legal field evolve and expand with it. We at SLF aim to be at the forefront of such groundbreaking transformations, empowering and protecting our clients along the way.

Scope of Services

Members Of The Practice Group

Foreign Direct Investment

Schinder Law Firm has advised a significant number of domestic and foreign clients on establishing Joint Ventures, start-ups, Special Purpose Vehicles, foreign investment companies to carry out projects over a wide range of industries across the archipelago. Schinder Law Firm has extensive experience in assisting in various corporate actions, inter alia, structuring foreign investment, joint-venture agreements, mergers and acquisitions and establishing legal entities in compliance with Indonesian law.

Land and Property

Schinder Law Firm has a wealth of experience and expertise in the area of commercial land and property. In respect of property disputes, our team of lawyers has represented multinational companies before the state administrative court, district courts and in police investigations on fraud and property damage. We also provide general legal advice for our retainer clients who operate in the area of land and property. We have been appointed as permanent legal advisor by a foreign state‑owned company to handle day‑to‑day legal matters for one of the largest industrial parks in Indonesia. We prepare land purchase and sales agreements, give advice on land and property regulatory compliance, represent clients in negotiations in property disputes, and we prepare legal drafts and documentation in relation to land and property general matters. A notable client for commercial land and property which has trusted us to represent them is Indonesia China Integrated Industrial Park (“PT KITIC”).

We also provide advice and do due diligence for the purchase of land and property. A notable client in connection with the purchase of land and property is the Financial Services Authority (“OJK”).

Construction and Real Estate

Schinder Law Firm provides legal services in area of Construction and Real Estate. Our clients include general contractors, subcontractors, governmental entities, developer companies, suppliers, design firms, architects, engineers, insurance companies, suppliers and construction trade associates. We provide services that range from contract review, client consultation, risk assesment, bonds and insurance claims, advice on payment and collection issues; we conduct legal due diligence and represent clients in construction disputes. In the matter of construction disputes, we have extensive experience in construction arbitration and litigation.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Schinder Law Firm has represented international clients in a number of M&A transactions and understands and appreciates the complexity of such transactions and the value-added that we can bring to bear in terms of structuring and advising on anti-competition law aspects, regulatory requirements and commercial concerns. We can provide legal services, not only legal opinions and due diligence, but also advice on pre-negotiations, legal risk management and assistance with post-deal arrangements and subsequent corporate integration.

International Transactions

Our lawyers are experienced in cross-border M&A, securities transactions as well as general corporate and governance advice. We can advise on international trade, terms of trade, letters of credit, arbitration and choice of forum for all sizes and types of transactions, from those done by start-ups to middle market up to multinational companies.


In respect of employment and labor issues, we provide a wide array of services based on an intimate knowledge of the Indonesian Labor Law and a practical application of such law. We have represented clients before the Industrial Relations Court and are acquainted with everything from routine labor matters, hiring, termination, drawing up contracts to strikes and lock-outs. Our lawyers have also delivered numerous employment seminars for the benefit of CEOs and human resources managers.

We can advise you on all aspects of employment relationships and concerns, from drawing up the Company Regulation and the Code of Conduct to handling employment disputes and litigation.

Our clients span a broad range of industries, including banking, manufacturing, construction and infrastructure companies, mining interests, power companies, financial services companies and governmental entities, among others.

Environment, Energy, and Natural Resources

Indonesia is a country rich in natural resources, and there is a well‑developed regulatory environment governing business operations in this sector. Our team specializes in oil and gas, mining and energy law. 

We have represented various oil and gas clients in upstream and downstream transactions, this has involved advising on production sharing contracts, drawing up and reviewing EPC contracts as well as providing legal assistance for related matters, such as land acquisition, securing licenses, corporate compliance and other matters.

As for mining, we have advised various foreign concerns on setting up mining operations and on purchasing a strategic stake in local mines. Mining encompasses various concerns, among others, environmental law, land law, licensing, issues of regional autonomy, CSR, foreign investment law and compliance with Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources regulations, among others.

A project owner seeking to build a power plant can rely on our assistance for all related matters, including signing the Power Purchase Agreement, land acquisition, reviewing and/or drawing up EPC contracts, escalation negotiations, guarantees and all other related matters.

Unlike many smaller firms, we offer a turn-key solution and can take on and assist in all related matters in setting up mining operations or a power plant.

General Corporate Legal Services & Dispute Settlement

Schinder Law Firm offers a full range of corporate services, and this includes corporate review, routine corporate secretary work for both listed and non-listed, local and foreign companies. We can provide regular updates and review to ensure that your company remains in compliance with the prevailing legal standards, whether your company is a publicly-held one or a private one.

In respect of dispute resolution, we bring to bear considerable commercial and legal experience: we can not only advise on dispute settlement (mediation, conciliation and arbitration) but also on more sophisticated assistance, such as general conflict management and conflict avoidance.

We can also advise you in connection with litigation, arbitration, conciliation and mediation proceedings and have a proven track record in this regard.

We aim at offering the best and most efficient dispute resolution services available on the market. We represent both domestic and international clients in a wide variety of sectors in disputes involving complex commercial issues.

Schinder Law Firm maintains a practical approach to dispute resolution. We distinguish ourselves from other firms in that we apprehend the commercial objectives and concerns in a dispute and structure our litigation strategies accordingly. Our competitive edge lies in our high standards of knowledge, creativity and attention to our clients’ commercial concerns to obtain the most advantageous outcome.

Consumer Protection

Schinder Law Firm has advised companies in the area of medicine manufacturing, hospitality, food production, consumer goods and freight forwarding services. We provide advice on drawing up corporate safety policies, compliance with goverment regulatory requirements, facilitating mediation for consumer complaints and representing a client in Consumer Dispute Settlement and Law Enforcement (“BPSK”). We have also represented clients in both civil and criminal lawsuits on the part of consumers before the State Court, the District Attorney and the Indonesian National Arbitration Board (“BANI”).

Bankruptcy, Insolvency and Restructuring

In respect of bankruptcy, insolvency and restructuring, we have represented various interests in winding down operations, downsizing, mass termination, work-outs, defaults and refinancing in a variety of transactions which have led to major restructuring of companies, business groups and of debt as well.

If it is determined that restructuring is not feasible, then we are able to assist in initiating the bankruptcy procedure and in representing a client’s interests in this respect.

Anti-Monopoly and Competition

The Commission for the Supervision of Business Competition (KPPU) has extended its reach in recent times and careful consideration and insight are needed to comply with the KPPU’s tenants. We are well-versed in anti-monopoly and competition law and have the experience that is needed to navigate the regulatory requirements that are more and more becoming a game-changer in the Indonesian business environment.

We have highly qualified lawyers who have concluded transactions under the scrutiny of the regulator and who can bring this experience to bear: this includes M&A clearance, advice on suspected monopolistic practices as well as legal opinions and general advice.

Private Clients

Schinder Law Firm has extensive experience in representing high net worth individuals and companies in matters concerning family law, criminal litigation and land acquisition, and we also give advice on personal business matters.


The insurance practice is focused on representing companies in the insurance sector, general and life as well as brokers and adjusters, in handling a wide array of corporate insurance issues. We can assist in routine corporate matters, and we can advise on divestment, help to secure a strategic local partner and conduct due diligence on a local target insurance company for eventual acquisition.

Aviation and Shipping

The Indonesian aviation and shipping sectors are complex and require special care and attention; we advise on aircraft/ship financing, ship arrest, mortgaging and re-mortgaging, sale and purchase and regulatory compliance in relation thereto. We have also been involved in issues surrounding incidents at sea, collisions, insurance issues and other matters in relation thereto.

Banking, Finance and Capital Markets

Schinder Law Firm has represented various clients from a variety of jurisdictions in banking, finance and capital markets transactions. We have represented multi-national companies in private equity, venture capital, ESOP and fiduciary transactions. Schinder Law Firm boasts a roster of investment banking clients and understands their commercial needs and the high standards they set in terms of transparency, due diligence and Good Corporate Governance.

We are well versed in Indonesian banking regulations and reporting requirements for offshore transfers of funds. We can also attend to all the needs of publicly-listed companies to keep them in compliance with the prevailing OJK capital market regulations. We have the manpower and experience to carry out a due diligence exercise for an Initial Public Offering.

White Collar Crime

Many foreign companies are concerned about red tape and the potential for extortion in the process of obtaining licenses and permits, and they are often faced with demands for irregular fees or concessions based on personal relationships when seeking to bid for contracts. Companies are also concerned with the expectation of gifts and special treatment by counterparties.

In Indonesia, the criminal law procedures on White Collar Crime differ from those in other jurisdictions. Criminal law procedures for White Collar Crime are complex and are often lengthy. Therefore, it takes an experienced litigation lawyer to handle white collar crime cases. In general practice, the clients seek counsel from a reputable law firm specializing in white collar crime.

We take pride in the fact that our team of lawyers is experienced in handling criminal litigation involving white collar crime, corruption, commercial bribery, illegal financial transactions, money laundring, insurance fraud and other violations. We have represented clients in criminal investigations, prosecution and in court trials before the Corruption Eradication Commision (“KPK”), the district attorney and the State Court.

Anti-fraud and Corporate Internal Investigation

Schinder Law Firm has advised companies in anti-fraud and other legal compliance measures by preparing corporate policies, corporate seminars, corporate compliance, training programs and conduct corporate internal investigations. We regularly conduct audits to monitor compliance and to mitigate losses companies incur from criminal actions carried out by employees, such as embezzlement, theft, insider trading and other violations that can occur in a corporate environment.

Intellectual Property and IP Dispute

Schinder Law Firm has provided legal services to various multinational companies in connection with Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Industrial Design Trade Secrets, Layout Design of Integrated Circuits, Licensing, Franchising and Intellectual Property Disputes. Our service include registration of intellectual property rights, drafts for licensing assignment of rights. We have represented clients in disputes before the commercial court and in arbitration. We have also represented clients in criminal law procedures in connection with intellectual property law violations.