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Workshop: The Key Point in Law Regulatory and Taxation for Foreign Construction Company in Indonesia

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By: Budhi Satya Makmur, S.H., M.H. & Erick Sanjaya Perkasa, S.H., M.Kn.

Jakarta, 27 November, 2017

Aware of the growth of Indonesia Construction Market business activity, Schinder Law Firm initiatives to host a workshop collaborating with China Chamber of Commerce and Deloitte “The Keypoint in Law Regulatory and Taxation for Foreign Construction Company in Indonesia” on 2nd November 2017.

The workshop highlights the Legal and Tax knowledge related to the Construction business activities. The event was attended by numerous China’s multinational construction companies having business in Indonesia for various infrastructure and real estate projects. The event started by a brief opening remark delivered by China Chamber of Commerce representative and followed by Budhi Satya Makmur and Erick Sanjaya from Schinder Law Firm presenting the key point in law regulatory on foreign construction business activities. On the next section, Schinder Law Firm Managing Partner, Mrs. Naz Juman highlighting the common legal issues which occurred in the Construction services business activities and the effective solution to solve the issues.

The last section was delivered by Mr. Dennis from Deloitte, delivering the taxation issues on Construction Services business activities. Finally, Mrs. Naz Juman delivered her thank you speech ended with applause from the attendance for a successful event