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Client Workshop for China State Engineering, Co. Ltd (“CSEC”)

Client Workshop for China State Engineering, Co. Ltd (“CSEC”)

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Schinder Law Firm (SLF) successfully co-hosted a Client Workshop on Construction Services Law held on 15 August 2017 at China State Engineering Co. Ltd (CSEC) office in Cikarang.
The event organized by CSEC and SLF highlights the Indonesian Legal System, Indonesian Contract Law, International Arbitration Enforcement in Indonesia, Indonesian Labour Law and Indonesian Construction Services Law. The event was attended by CSEC Group Holding high-ranking officials and CSEC Indonesia Legal team.

Acting as a moderator, Erick Sanjaya introduced the main Speaker and provided the Mandarin translation. The event started with a brief opening remark delivered by Dr. Bambang Supriyanto, S.H., M.H. (Mr. Bambang) as representative of Schinder Law Firm followed by the workshop’s first section. The first section started with Mr. Bambang presenting the Brief Highlights of Indonesian Labor Law. In the topic, Mr. Bambang has successfully delivered the brief highlights of Indonesia Labow Law include the Indonesian Industrial Relations (Tripartism), Roles of Government, Employer and Employees, Eight (8) tools of Industrial Relations, Work Relationship (Bipartism), Two Types of Fixed Period Employment, Characteristic of Work Relationship, Industrial Relation Dispute and the Outsourcing. The audience has shown their enthusiastic on the Employment topics.

The second section highlighting the Indonesian Legal System, Indonesian Contract Law, Arbitration and Indonesian Construction Services Law where the firm’s Senior Associate Budhi Satya Makmur, S.H., M.H. (Budhi) acted as one of the main speakers. In this section, Budhi talked about the Integrated Construction Services Contract under the Law No. 2 /2017 of Indonesian Services Law, The using of Foreign Worker for Construction Services, the obligation to use Bahasa Indonesia language on Construction, Construction Permit and Licensing and the Construction business type in Indonesia. In addition to the above, Budhi also talked about the practical approach on enforcement of International Arbitration award in Indonesia, including the following key issues:
The International Arbitration award may only be regarded as enforceable and executable in Indonesia not when the court has accepted the registration of such arbitration award, but when the court has issued an exequatur decree.
Enforcement of International Arbitration Award may result in another court proceeding filed by the opposition party to hamper such enforcement. Consequently, the cost of enforcing international an arbitration award can be very costly.
Registration of International Arbitration Award in Indonesia must be registered by the tribunal/panel of arbitrators of such cases.
Further, Budhi also introduced Indonesian Legal System on court procedures and Indonesian Contract Law under the Indonesian Civil Code. In the last section, Dr. Ir. Hanafi Darwis, S.Pd., S.H., M.M. (Mr. Hanafi) discussed the procedures for Construction Building Permit Application and Construction Dispute. Finally, SLF Senior Associate Budhi Satya Makmur delivered his thank you speech ended with a toast for a successful event

For the Workshop Materials please download below link :

Workshop Material Link.

By : Budhi Satya Makmur, S.H., M.H.

Client Workshop for China State Engineering, Co. Ltd (“CSEC”)